For Brands to become ‘Apple of the Eye’,

Amp up the game and go for ‘Word of Eye’

What’s the fuss and buzz about ‘Word of Eye’ Marketing?

From capturing stunning HDR images and miniature photographs to professional portraits and softly lit selfies, we live in the times when technological advances have made it very easy for every one of us to capture images. Visually captured moments have become the currency of social media platforms. These days it’s not so much what people are ‘talking about’, but rather what people are viewing, capturing, recording on their smart phones and more importantly, ‘sharing with the world’.

The prevalent social and marketing dynamic of ‘Word of Mouth’ is quickly paving way to what brand consultant ‘Julie Cottineau’ has coined as ‘Word of Eye’.

In an instant click-edit-post world of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and several others, Julie Cottineau emphasized on the increasing role of images in capturing & retaining the consumer’s attention for brands. The words are not completely extinct, but certainly now play a second fiddle to visuals. Consumers are exposed to screens of varied sizes, and visuals, be it images or videos, have become the luring eye candy to capture attention and communicate brand’s messages.

How can brands become feast of the consumer’s eyes?

There are several questions brand managers can ask and evaluate the visual quotient of their brand.

  • Is the brand a physical product or service offering?
  • Does it have a unique visual identity than the competitors?
  • Is the visual identity appealing and successful in grabbing consumer’s attention?
  • Is the verbal message too heavy in communications?
  • Does the brand have a unique layout, typeface, color scheme & photograph style?
  • Does the brand effectively use the power of images and video?

By answering the above questions, brand managers can analyze the visual strength of their brands. They can look critically on consumer touch points and overhaul their visual representations to reap the full benefits of Word of Eye.

Brands which are making it big with the help of Word of Eye

Mother Dairy redesigned their packaging and the results were astonishing with a whopping 23% rise in sales because of bold visual branding. Parle Agro hired a globally renowned agency to pump up the white-red-black identity of Appy Fizz. Maggi redesigned its packaging post the lead content controversy. Sporting giants like Premier League and Australian Open are redefining sporting experiences on a strong pedestal of their visual identities. And Apple, the iconic smart phone, has become ‘Apple of the Eye’ of every one by using captivating, beautiful and unique visuals to show how its products fit into peoples’ lives.

Word of Eye - The Buzz Word in New Age Marketing

Elaborating further on the importance of visual communication, Julie Cottineau says, “If your brand doesn’t have a signature, sharable image, you won’t be part of the conversation. Think of the travel industry, for example. Posting a picture of your vacation spot versus writing about it is quicker, it’s easier, and it more credibly captures the experience. People don’t have time for lots of words. Increasingly we’re finding that it’s the visual process, the ‘show me don’t tell me,’ that gets consumers hooked.”

Images travel fast. People do not have time or patience for paragraphs. Smart brand managers, agencies and marketers understand the significance of ‘Word of Eye’ and are certainly leaving no lens unturned to make their brand’s visual experiences worth capturing and sharing.