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Brand Crisis Management | Creative Messages during COVID-19 | Bestow

bestow_port - July 31, 2020 - 0 comments

The reason why marketing communications come across as an exciting field is because you never know what’s in store tomorrow, or rather in next few hours. The landscape for brand promotions is open, dynamic and full of scope. Moment marketing is the ‘in thing’.

If we had told you in March 2020 that people will stay in at home for more 5-6 months without coming out, you would have laughingly brushed us aside. But that’s the reality today. Covid-19 and the new normal has forced people to stay indoors, which has thrown a whole new set of obstacles, or as we would say ‘challenges’ in front of brand consultants and top branding companies.

Companies are running helter-skelter in trying to find the right digital marketing company for their business. Top branding companies are scrambling to realign the messages for their clients. And many brands have made striking efforts in order to place their brand in minds of the people. Here are some promotional marketing campaigns that perfectly blended brand promotions with social awareness.

1) DIY Social Distancing Crown by Burger King to keep people at a safe distance in a fun way

2) Toyota came up with a gem and asked people to dream about places & go later.

3) While people were staying home, Marvin Family Shop made a great point and found a way to promote their books and reading during Covid-19

4) The Statue of Liberty is widely used to promote creative messages, and it was no different during Covid – 19.

5) Pizza Hut found an innovative way to keep people engaged at home through DIY board games made out of pizza boxes.

6) Activ Mobile Communications sent a strong message on avoiding travel during Covid-19 with the help of emojis.

7) Teresina Municipal Corporation, Brazil, held no bar and put out ‘this or that’ message to let people know the serious consequences
of Covid-19

8) While the use of masks, hand gloves and PPE kits is rampant, Sea Shepherd Global triggered that another crisis could be potentially
waiting for marine life.

9) 54D fitness brand made sure that people understood the importance of jobs that Corona Warriors are doing on the frontline.

10) Nike can never be far behind when it’s about strong brand messaging. They rolled out a TV commercial that urged people
to play for the World.

Such creative, effective and unique messaging can set your brand apart from other. If you are looking to develop such brand communications, Bestow is your place to be at. With over a decade of experience as brand consultants and digital marketing company, we can assist you to keep your brand in the heart and minds of your audience. Call: +91 98255 66905 or email: [email protected]

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